We transform organizations with innovative and unique solutions. We lead you on change and digital transformation processes by building and offering "out of the box" solutions plus software / technology that put the idea into practice. We focus only on add value.


We partner with companies and promote the development of the skills and innovative culture that will enable their employees to reach their maximum potential.. We permanently focus on continuous improvement through making our Clients "Partners", ensuring their satisfaction, obsessively seeking innovation to provide the best options f or managing their information and making decisions. We promote collaborative work, synergy and continuous learning of our employees and “Partners” through constant feedback and training processes.


Software Engineering


Web & Apps development. We have experienced and skilled software engineers for the development process for both "native and hybrid" mobile solutions,as well as DevOps and UX/UI profilesas well as DevOps and UX/UI profiles, which completes the "software engineering combo". We love to work on React.JS, React Native, Angular, Node.JS, Android, iOS and AWS technologies

Digital Transformation


End-to-end custom software solutions that leads our clients to access, accommodate, model and exploit data in order to improve their business and operational strategies. We aim on anomalies detection, pattern and correlations identification plus visualization. We help businesses to become data-driven organizations transforming data into client’s profits.



Culture is the foundation for the development of innovation and the sustainable implementation of any digital transformation strategy. This is why we put 'people first'. We teach and train them in methodologies that are trending in the market, to help them solve challenges in a creative and innovative way, developing the skills of the future that will have an impact on the present.

We Build Community


Would you like to be ahead? We build interpretable data models and algorithms to predict time series, classify, segment, and automate plus optimize your decision making processes. We create machine learning models that allows us to predict particular events in the future based on data from the past

Solutions | Outside the Box

Data Engineering

We work on different projects automating processes, detecting anomalies, patterns and correlations in large groups of data. We also use web crawlers to get the data from different sources and to translate it into valuable information for your business while reducing error margins.

Software Engineering

Alongside our clients, we work together to design platforms and ad hoc software applications. We lead the projects in an agile fashion, applying methods and disciplines that make iterations fluid and ensure that the results are as expected.

Innovation Processes

We partner with different companies in the implementation of agile methodologies and tools like Map Day Planning, Kanban, and Scrum. We train employees in tools of disruptive thought such as Forced Analogy and Heuristic Ideation and compel digital transformation and the development of new business models.


Ramiro Ortega


I'm a Telecommunication Engineer and I have over 20 years of experience in software development and IT, directing local and international projects for companies such as Personal, Intel, and Kolektor. I consider myself to be an entrepreneur by nature. My strength is the development and guiding innovation as well as directing teams with a high-performance level. My focus is on making work more productive, efficient, simple, and fun.


Sebastián Sosa


I have a 5-year-degree in Computer Systems, with more than 25 years of experience with international companies like IBM, Oracle, and first-rate consulting agencies. I'm also an entrepreneur, extremely curious and passionate about technological challenges, converting data into information and I love coordinating large interdisciplinary teams of millennials. I learn from them every day.


Andrea Cornaglia


I have a degree in Social Communication. Creative by decision and passionate. I have experience in organizational culture field and talent development. I work focused on the greatest asset: People! So they can reach their goals, improve, and have fun in the process. I’m excited about new opportunities and to wave challenging projects.


Martín Cámpora


I'm a Telecommunications engineer entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in this matter. My strength is to build bridges between individuals, teams, and companies. I work focused on increasing customer satisfaction, improving user/customer experience by driving the performance of our internal teams.


Alain Kräupl


I'm a Systems Engineer focused on the design, development, and implementation of technological solutions. I'm passionate about technology and the experiences we can create with it and enjoy searching, learning, and applying the latest trends in data science and materializing them in concrete challenges and projects!





If you tend to focus on problems in a way that's different and creative, this is the place for you!

In ROSS you'll explore new possibilities, with real-life challenges where you'll be able to immerse yourself in them, play, share and learn. We have the conviction that work done in a team is generosity. Join us!

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